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7 Cool Benefits Of Project-Based Learning
Every time my kid comes home with another worksheet packet from school, I die a little inside. That's because I know how this homework scene is going to play out:

Kid: I don't wanna do it!!!!!!!!!

Me: I know. Still, it's got to be done.

Kid: But why!? I don't wanna do it! It's boooorrrrriiing.

Me: ...

I'm not here to knock my kid's teachers, because frankly, they are nothing short of superheroes in my book.

Still, our crowded classrooms and our schools underfunded. That means our kids don't always get the most exciting learning experiences that keep them engaged and spark their creativity.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that as parents, we have so many ways to supplement our children's education in simple, but essential ways. That's especially true during those summer months when we're all in desperate need for a little inspiration. 

Repeat after me: Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is a student-centered teaching approach that encourages children to explore their world through a hands-on, integrated approach. Instead of focusing on just one skillset, projects require kids to see how things are connected as the work toward a larger goal. 

7 Cool Benefits of Project-Based Learning
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1. It naturally leads kids toward critical thinking. 

As students work toward the project's goal, they are forced to find solutions. Suddenly things like math, reading, and writing aren't just subjects in school. They are methods for putting the pieces of a bigger puzzle together. 

2. It's an inroad to creativity.

Project-based learning requires kids to come at the project as makers and idea-generators. Because there's no "right" way to finish the project, kids get to tap into their innate creativity and discover their unique voice.

3. They learn about project management.

As an important life skill, project-based learning helps kids learn how to manage different tasks, timelines, and objectives. 

4. Project-based learning empowers students.

Instead of feeling the dread of doing another worksheet or uninspiring math problem, children get to sit in the driver's seat and find a sense of excitement, responsibility, and accomplishment in their work.

5. Kids become better decision makers.

With project-based learning, kids have to come to the project as the leader. They get practice in making big and minor decisions and get to see how those decisions play out. It's a critical lesson in the power of choice and consequences.

6. It promotes life long learning.

Project-based learning teaches children to take control of their education. They become more engaged in the world and seeing problems and solutions outside of the classroom.

7. Kids generally enjoy project-based work more than traditional methods. 

That's because they see the purpose behind it all. There's a bigger goal beyond just skill drills and memorization. They're engaged in a great cause, one that usually allows them to bring their unique voice and talents to the table. 

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