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5 Ways To Help Your Child Be More Creative
Has our modern world extinguished the creative spark in our kids?

Over-scheduled, over-teched, and over-tested. That pretty much sums up so many lives. It seems like there's a mile-long list of expectations for our kids. And the pressure on both children and parents is rising.

And that's because we don't just want smart, talented kids. We want creative ones, too.

Our schools, businesses, and culture have become obsessed with producing creative geniuses. It feels like everyone is looking for the inventive innovators of tomorrow, especially since our world is changing so fast.

But as writer and teacher Diana Senechal points out in her book, Mind Over Memes, the way we go about trying to instill creativity may actually be killing it. 

"As creativity is increasingly touted as the 'premier skill' of our time," Senechal argues, "there's little interest in just letting this ability develop independently. Instead, it is being quantified, dissected and tested, taught and measured."

That very act of trying to hone creativity may be what's keeping it stifled. 

According to one study by Kyung Hee, creativity researcher of the College of William and Mary, creativity is on the decline. "Since 1990, children have become less able to produce unique and unusual ideas. They are also less humorous, less imaginative, and less able to elaborate on ideas," Kim said.

The good news is that creativity can't really disappear. It can be suppressed, but it can also be nourished.

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that worldwide, our children are capable of incredible creativity. But rather than insisting that people demonstrate their aptitude for this skill, we should make room for it to grow.

Because in the end, creativity is essential. It's what makes life interesting and fulfilling. It's what gets us to think outside the box and come up with the solutions we so desperately need in our complex world. 

It's not just a nice skill to have. It's a human right. A skill worth cultivating.

To do that, however, we need to be creative at how we foster creativity. Every student has different needs. Instead of trying to "hack" or standardize our way into creativity, we need to encourage parents, educators, and students to be patient and consistent with its practice.

5 Ways To Support Your Child's Creativity
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1. Get into the habit of creating.

Carve out space and time for creativity, and then stick to it. People wrongly assume that "creative types" are blessed with some sort of spark of ongoing inspiration. But creativity takes time, patience, and commitment. 

2. Keep it simple.

Fancy equipment, expensive toys, and elaborate playroom are NOT required for creativity. In fact, they can sometimes get in the way of the creative process. Instead, aim for objects and ideas that ignite imaginative play or force your child to see the world in a new way. 

3. Stop telling your kids what to do.

Give your child some freedom. Let them take charge from time to time. Try saying "yes" as much as you can, especially when your kid is working on a project. Multiple studies have found that when parents have high demands for their children, creativity drops.

4. Emphasize process over product.

Creativity dies when failures are frowned upon. Instead, honor mistakes. Ask questions about what your child is doing and why they're doing it. Learn what they like about the process. Get them excited by the journey and focus less on the destination. 

5. Take time for your own creativity.

Children learn best by example. And when you value your own creativity, they'll see the value that much more. Invest time and energy into your passions and then help your kids do the same.

Bonus: Give them a summer of creativity.
The Munga Punga Summer of Creativity is all about providing kids with a foundation where kids can come at their creativity in fun and meaningful ways. 

We've done all the work to build in routine and structure so that creativity becomes a part of their daily summer life. The project-based format means kids are in the driver's seat. You get to sit back, watch, or maybe even jump in and experience the projects for yourself. (After all, you're committed to your own creativity, right?)

At Munga Punga we are parents, teachers, and educators who believe in the power of creativity. We work to give our children the right experiences to unlock their potential. Our summer learning program is flexible, affordable, and (most of all) FUN.

Celebrate children. Nurture their creative genius.
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